Welcome to Dan's regularly updated recipe page. All you need to be able to make bar quality cocktails simply at home. Here you find recipes for mindful cocktails, healthy hot drinks, functional drinks, and more.
Tall Dark & Spicy

Coffee and tonic water is a huge favourite of mine - for this drink I twisted with another new favourite of mine, solo coffee concentrate, and the addition of orange syrup and tonic water. Super simple, complex, delicious and a refreshing alternative way to get your coffee kick!

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You’re Twisting My Melon Man

I simply love this drink. When creating a cocktail, using a product with a punchy flavour and aroma makes life so much easier. Three spirit livener is exactly that. Spicy, fruity, sweet, tart - with a great mouthfeel and viscosity I simply mixed with fresh watermelon juice, lime, honey and fresh ginger. Zero abv, and […]

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Royal sour

I am a big fan of Martini’s new alcohol free aperitifs, this one is made with Floreale which is full of rich botanical and bitter flavours. Two drinks here, for me a sour with pineapple juice, lemon juice and orange syrup. The second drink is spritzed with Real royal flush kombucha  Complex, delicious and super […]

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Let's go bananas! (ISH)

A beautifully simple stirred drink with zero alcohol. Combining the flavours of RUMISH non alcoholic rum alternative with a homemade banana and cacao syrup and fresh lime.

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