More than ever, people are hosting friends and family in their homes. Entertaining at home is all about enjoying the moment, making memories, building relationships and having experiences. I wanted to put a book together that gives people the tools to make the drinks they think they can’t, without taking their time away from the important things in life.

Each drink takes you through some of my favourite cocktails, but more importantly YOUR favourite cocktails and simple highball drinks. Using unique methods you can actually use at home consistently – no fancy cocktail equipment or experience required and de – bunking the myths around cocktails. Difficult to make as good as in a bar, difficult to get right consistently, and expensive? Not at all.

Out Now!

The cocktails you want to make simply, quickly, and consistently without cocktail equipment.
How to halve the ABV of each cocktail, and make more approachable by pairing with a mixer.
Learn how to pre batch larger amounts ideal for sharing.
Recommendations on how to twist and add flavours to make exciting variations.
Each recipe has an average cost per drink to show you how cost effective they can be.
All the ingredients you need are readily available.