It might sound simple, but there are ways to make your lives easier! And yes, you should always use fresh juice. Lemon and lime juice is such an essential part of so many great cocktails, classic and contemporary. Think sours, daiquiri, margarita and the ever popular mojito. With most of these drinks the citrus can be anywhere from 25-30% of the drink, so freshness is essential.

Rolling the fruit under the palm of your hand while pressing gently helps to break up the fibres, making it easier to squeeze.

Cutting widthways then opens up the fruit to be juiced, lengthways keeps the structure of the pith intact which is ideal for cutting wedges.

If you can get one, Mexican elbow juicers are ideal, easy to use, cheap and long lasting.

You can prepare juice in advance, store in a clean container in the fridge and use within 24 hours.