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Founded by Dan, an expert with over twenty years in the drinks industry, and also hugely passionate about the world of Mindful Drinking. Dan’s mission - to show the world that great drinks can be made quickly and simply, and that moderating and finding a new approach to alcohol can be just as delicious.
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  • "Dan has a knack for bringing people together virtually over cocktails that surprise and delight even the most basic palette. My team was so impressed with the cocktails Dan shared with us and I’ve heard from multiple people that they were making them for family over the holidays. It’s hard to be excited about anything right now, but Dan has helped add a little spice and excitement to staying at home. We’ll be back!"
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    Meghan Brennan
    Senior Director, Pandora.com
  • "Dan hosted a brilliant cocktail masterclass as part of our annual wellness festival and we were delighted with how it went, as well as the video content it left us with. The event was Hybrid (Live streamed with a small in person audience) so not an easy one to host, but Dan did a fantastic job at engaging viewers both in person and online. Not to mention his cocktails are delicious! Highly recommended!"
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    Jordan Crowley
    Events Manager, Fora Space
  • "We met Dan via social media with an idea of hosting a virtual cocktail party. Within a short space of time our idea became a plan, with Dan going out of his way to make things happen! Not only did Dan pair us up with a fantastic and very relevant vodka company but he also created us a signature cocktail. The night itself was brilliant, it flowed with a relaxed atmosphere and despite only having met 1 of the 8 attendees, Dan fitted in brilliantly and set the tone for a very fun evening."
    Alice Holbrow
    Director, Herd It Here Creative